WATA, Further Explorations

HOME presents WATA, Further Explorations, an exhibition bringing together new works from Ronan Mckenzie and Joy Yamusangie. Taking root in Mckenzie and Yamusangie’s first formal collaboration, a short film of the same name produced at the beginning of 2020, WATA weaves together considerations of ancestry, cross cultural connections, music and migration.

Upcoming Exhibition

I See In Colour, Cece Philips

I See In Colour aims to invite the viewer to imagine the personal stories and narratives that sit behind the words “immigrant”, “windrush” and the phrase “British History”. Using a mixture of historical and contemporary sources, Philips’ works use colour as a way of imbuing a sense of happiness and pride that emanates through the Black British community, despite the immense barriers faced. Each person who has experienced the displacement and journeying nature of arrival in the UK has had private and intimate lives, and the works within the show explore these everyday social narratives.

March 18, 2021
April 25, 2021
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