HOME x ArtWorks No Entulho Residency.

15th September - 15th November, Portugal 2021.


Note: Please read all of the information below before applying.  

An opportunity for Black Women-Identifying Artists, of Caribbean and African Descent, based in the UK. 

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Artworks, on the third cycle of their residency programme No Entulho. This opportunity invites one black woman-identifying artist to spend two months in Portugal at the ArtWorks facility, to work on a body of work, or spend the time learning a new skill/developing their practice using the surplus materials from the manufacturing of art production. With a development-oriented focus, the aim of this residency is to open up the possibility of working with large scale industrial materials which are difficult to access within the UK. We aim to create an opportunity where artists can develop projects, research, or spend the time learning new skills which they may not otherwise have access to. Artists can choose to develop new creations or to develop skills, guiding the experience as you see fit.

You will have a workshop space to work from where you will be able to use all technical equipment and rubble available, working in close proximity to specialised technicians from different areas of the industry. At ArtWorks, you will find:

 -Metal and metal manipulation equipment (small and large scale welding; bending, curving and cutting; lathe)

-Painting greenhouse 

-Fiberglass fabrication 

-Glass and glass manipulation equipment 

-Industrial textile and sewing machine (off-site)

-Motorisation department

-Small scale 3D printer

In each department or for each specific material, there are specialised technicians that can assist in different stages of the residency. Further to this, this residency provides the opportunity to work with and learn from a team of technical staff specialised in glass and window frames, carpenters, programmers, architects, designers, locksmiths, electricians, engineers and curators who can support you in achieving your goals for this residency. We encourage exploration, research and experimentation with the leftover resources available at the ArtWorks facility. 


Information on ArtWorks and No Entulho

ArtWorks is an organisation that produces, develops and manufactures works of art, projects and exhibitions, proposing to create a collaborative and experimental attitude with creators from various artistic areas. Through a multidisciplinary team composed of architects, designers, engineers, artists, photographers, artisans and specialised technicians, the various stages of production include technical and material analysis of the works, from manufacturing, packaging and transportation to the audiovisual recording of each project.

No Entulho is a program developed by ArtWorks whose main objective is the use of surplus material from industrial production. It is structured in projects that rethink this matter, to support emerging artists and create solutions for a more sustainable production. According to this premises, the surplus retakes an active position in the production cycle, preventing its destination as waste.


Residency Details 

Residency Dates: 15th September - 15th November 2021 

 Artist Fee: €1000

 Address: R. de Manuel Dias 440, 4495-129

You will have access to rubble materials available at ArtWorks and associated factories and  complementary materials the  artists might need (these are discussed and facilitated by the production team).

 You will be given a work space and provided with work equipment including industrial clothes and protective shoes.


 Entries Open: Tuesday 18th May

 Entries Close: Sunday 20th June

 Artists Notified: Wednesday 15th July 


Who Can Apply

 To be eligible for this grant, you must be a Black Woman-identifying practicing Artist or Creative of African or Caribbean  Descent

 This is inclusive of all types of visual and audio arts and creative practices, including research, archival projects, multimedia  arts, installation, performance and sound art.

 You must be based in the UK, and have a valid passport. 

 This opportunity is open to all ages. 

 Language will not be a barrier, as translators and English Speaking staff will be available and on hand to support. 


Submission Requirements

 We are looking for an artist who will integrate into the ArtWorks production space to explore the rubble from the industrial   production, available both at ArtWorks installations and from other partner industries associated with the project. 

 You do not necessarily need to have experience in large scale industrial processes, and you do not need to have a specific  project or final outcome in mind. We are looking for an artist who will take full advantage of the residency and embrace the  facility and the resources available; who can demonstrate your ability or intention in what you aim to produce or learn. 

 This opportunity is equally open to artists who do have a specific project or outcome in mind that they wish to use the   facilities and technical support to produce a piece or series of works which could form an entire project, or form part of a  wider body of work. 

 As an unusual opportunity, we are interested in your ideas and how you see this residency being useful to your practice. You  must submit a short proposal detailing your interpretation of the residency, your aims and goals for the residency, showing  understanding of the facilities and materials available. Please note that during the residency, you can explore freely, allowing  your experience to be fluid and guided by ArtWorks once you arrive; so your proposal should express your intentions and  demonstrate an awareness of the space and opportunity. Your proposal can, but does not need to include a final outcome. 


Logistical Details

Travel Information

Return flight from London to Porto, with airport pick up in Porto to the accommodation address in Póvoa de Varzim city center

Transport In Portugal

You will receive a bicycle to use to get around, alternatively, ArtWorks will provide rides with their team to and from the space from Monday-Friday. 


You will be staying at a two bedroom apartment in the centre of Póvoa de Varzim - the nearest town to Amorim, where ArtWorks is located. 

You will share the apartment with one other artist, who will be selected for the No Entulho residency by Pedreira - another art space. 


You will receive breakfast, lunch and snacks at ArtWorks, and a complimentary weekly basket of food to cook at the apartment. 



During the residency, you will have a fortnightly check in virtual meeting with HOME for a general check in, and to voice any concerns, thoughts, queries. 

If you have any issues/concerns at all throughout the residency with the accommodation, you will have a direct contact at ArtWorks who you can contact at any time. 

Your safety, security, and well-being are the main concerns of both ArtWorks and HOME, and we will be on hand for anything that you may need throughout your time in Portugal. 


Recipient Expectation

We expect the resident to work within the factory working hours (9 pm to 6pm, Monday-Friday, 9am - 2pm Saturday) You do not need to work for those hours every day, but you will not be able to start earlier than 9am or work later than 6pm. 

To adapt to the ongoing production work being developed by ArtWorks. This will imply working in an organized manner in order to be assisted by the team in the fabrication or production of any objects/actions

To respect the workflows of each department.



The programme and regulation of the residency are available to download and should be consulted before submitting an application.

Please click here to download.

If you have any further questions, please contact opportunities@homebyrm.space


How To Apply

Please submit your application via the Google Form Link HERE.

You will need to submit a proposal PDF with a maximum of 5 pages, including your intentions, and examples of your work. 

Or, if you would like to submit via audio/video format, please send your application to opportunities@homebyrm.space, with the subject [Your Name] No Entulho Residency Application. Please ensure you answer the questions in the Google Form, and format your application to mp4, mov, or wav format.

If your evidence is larger than 10MB, please send us an email application instead of completing the Google form, and include a WeTransfer download link to opportunities@homebyrm.space with the subject [Your Name] No Entulho Residency Application.  

If applicants have any access requirements and need additional support with their application please email opportunities@homebyrm.space

All information submitted within your application may be used on HOME, ArtWorks and No Entulho websites/social media platforms when grant winners are announced. This may also be included in relevant press/publication. Please make a note within this application if there is any sensitive/private information you wish to be kept confidential. 


Thank you, and good luck!

HOME x No Entulho