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Alongside exhibitions, HOME presents a broad programme of public and private events to support and engage our artistic and local community. Through our programming, we aim to facilitate conversation, the sharing of skills and resources, and encourage engagement in arts and creative practices. Make yourself at HOME and spend a while enjoying our space and library; please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas on ways we can further support.


Whether you would like to spend a little more time enjoying our space, or bring your laptop to work at our table, we reserve space for three people every Wednesday to Sunday day 10am-6pm for you to share our space and work with us. If you would like to book a slot, please email with the day you would like to come in, and let us know a little about you.

What's On


HOME is proud to present an ever-developing library of books available within the space for our community to enjoy at leisure; to learn, discover, research or simply appreciate. HOME's library features a permanent curation by bibisbooks; "A book club dedicated to advocating and amplifying POC voices within literature. The concept was conceived out of a need to disrupt a book world that is disproportionately seen through a white lens, consequently marginalising black and brown people.

Representation within literature is an integral part of a community, helping to facilitate a safe space that validates one's own culture and history. Partnering with HOME to cultivate this, bibisbooks is honoured to curate a special library that is grounded within the space. Changing alongside HOME's exhibition programme, the library takes inspiration from each show in order to create a visual and philosophical stream of literary studies; parallel to the multitude of influences that connect us."

Find a list of books in our library below.

The Library